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Just as I Am
So I letra de Guy Sebastian

Guy sebastian
just as I am
So I
So many people keep on questioning
Whats wrong with the world today?
these are the same people that see a glass and call it half empty
It's so hard sometimes to see the truth
when you're standing in the dark
Always thinking with your head
instead of following your heart

So I(echo)
Live each day like it is my last
So I (echo)
keep my feet on the narrow path
this life
Never gives you a second chance
im just trying to do the right thing
tryin to be a better man
I'll never be perfect
But i still gotta try
A birdmust always fall

Before he learns to fly
thats why trying to leave this place
better than the day before
i won't stop i won't quit
Until i reach my goal
And i know if we try
We could all see to eye to eye
helping one at a time
We could change peoples live


Theres gotta be a better way
If were gonna shed some love on the world today
We've got brothers killing brothers
Nobody cares about each other
thats why we gotta take a stand
Starting here with me So I


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